Tosha center

Tosha&Co is a cochlear implant rehabilitation center. Сochlear implantation is the most effective method to correct profound hearing loss and deafness. The center's based in Fryazino — a small town near Moscow (26 km) which has acquired the status of a “science town”. The status is given to towns with a fair amount of R&D establishments.

Tosha&Co is the unique rehabilitation center in Russia helping both kids and adults to start a new life after cochlear implantation surgery. Our center hosts both candidates for surgery and rehabilitating patients who have already been implanted. Also, we have several outpatients. Our specialists control their health progress, adjust speech processors (we work with Cochlear, Med El, Neurelec and Advanced Bionics systems), make hearing tests.

Each patient is provided with complex rehabilitation including:

  • practices with speech therapist, psychologist, neurologist and other specialists;
  • free sound field audiometry;
  • music classes;
  • art therapy;
  • play therapy;
  • consultations for parents.

Purposes of a short-term rehabilitation course

  • Training parents to be engaged in the rehabilitation process with a child
  • Fitting sessions
  • Communication among CI families
  • Following up the progress

The key factors of CI success rehabilitation process

  • Fitting session
  • Development of auditory perception and speech
  • Working with parents

Our courses

  • 3 week full-time course
  • 2 outpatient lessons in a week

Our specialists

  • logopedists
  • speech therapist
  • neuropsychologist
  • neurologist
  • music therapist
  • special education teacher
  • early intervention teacher
  • hearing specialist

Our space

  • playrooms
  • classrooms
  • kitchen
  • 15 living-rooms for kids and their parents
  • playground near the center

Key factors for successful rehabilitation

Key factors

The rehab program is aimed at teaching people who used to hear nothing to live in a world full of sounds and improve their speech.


Hearing aids
Fitting sessions
Free sound field audiometry

The schedule of a week rehabilitation course

Lessons Quantity
1 Speech therapist 5
2 Fitting session 2
3 Psychologist 2
4 Free sound field audiometry 1
5 Game therapy 2
6 Art therapy 2
7 ENT doctor consultation     1
8 Logopedic 3
9 Physical education instructor 3
10 Music education instructor 2
11 Neurologist consultation 1

Set of rehabilitation materials

Set of rehabilitation materials


  • “History of Tosha-the-Hippo”
  • “Listen, Learn and Talk”
  • “Sound foundation for babies”
  • “Listen together with Tosha-the-Hippo!”
  • “Deafness is not a sentence: from diagnostics to inclusion”
  • Flashcards
  • Loudness scale
  • Subject pictures
  • Tosha-the-hippo soft toy
  • Nice package
The protagonist is Tosha the baby hippo. Its biography is described in each material.